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Painted Pony Pastures

"Rescue A Horse Save A Spirit"

Image by Lucia Macedo

At Painted Pony Pastures, we are dedicated to providing equine rescue, rehabilitation, education, and adoption services within the state of Florida.

And to provide sanctuary to horses whose caretakers are no longer able to care for their animals due to debilitating illness or change in lifestyle.  Or a senior horse, retired event or riding horse, or a horse with a chronic injury or medical condition that can be managed with meds.

 Although we've been rescuing horses since 2007, Painted Pony Pastures just became a non-profit in July 2022. Volunteers are at the heart of every non-profit organization.


We need to build a volunteer team. If you're passionate about horses and would like to offer your time and skills, we invite you to join our team of volunteers. We promise a fulfilling and rewarding experience and the opportunity to make a difference in the lives of these majestic creatures.

If interested in volunteering, contact us at (772)678-9000 or (772)919-2990.

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